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Detail of Caramel Apple-Almond Crepes

Caramel Apple-Almond Crepes

A great dish for dessert or breakfast, these filled crepes are quick and easy to make, full of wonderful flavor, and make any occasion special.

Perfect Entertaining Summer Recipe Contest

We have changed our recipe contest to a seasonal contest rather than once a month to help increase the number of entries and to provide better prizes. The variety of prizes will be better and some of the categories - and the prizes associated with them - will hopefully be fun and exciting enough to stimulate some great entries.

We have extended the recipe contest to September 15, 2003 because many entrants had been looking at an older web page and have entered a previous contest. So hurry up and get your entries in! The winners will be announced on October 15, 2003 rather than September 30, 2003 as previously posted.

Our fall contest also starts September 1, 2003 so start thinking about fall weather recipes - including recipes for Halloween and Thanksgiving!

The categories for the Summer Recipe Contest are:

Memorial Day
Father's Day
Fourth of July
Labor Day
Summer Weddings
Hot Off The Grill
Summer Parties
General Summer Recipes

The Rules
Tips To Help You Win
The Prizes
How To Enter

The Rules

  1. All recipes must be original and not the property of another individual or company. If you don't know where you got a recipe, or if you do know but you changed around a few things to suit your style, that is fine. Just make sure the instructions are written in your own personal style. Submitting recipes that are copyrighted by other individuals will not only make sure you lose the contest, but you will also be responsible for any legal action the legal copyright holder might take against you. Recipes that you have published elsewhere (your own website or publication) are allowed, but make sure you own the copyright before submitting.
  2. By submitting a recipe you grant us permission to publish your recipe on the Perfect Entertaining site. You also allow us to edit the recipe for any typographical, spelling, or grammar errors. We reserve the right not to publish any recipe that we deem unsuitable for the site. We also reserve the right to test your recipe and make suggestions for substitutions and improvements to the recipe. (Typically these will be suggestions for substitutions for hard to find ingredients, expensive ingredients, and lower fat ingredients - not "improvements" to your recipe.) These changes will be noted as our additions.
  3. With your submission you must include your first name (and your last name if you want) and your e-mail address. We will only publish your first name (or even a screen name if you prefer) with your recipe, the rest of the information will be needed to contact you. You agree to letting us print at least your first name, last initial and home state/country if you win. Your e-mail address will be kept private and will never be given or sold to a third party. You may also include a brief blurb about yourself, your website, your mailing lists/newsletters, or anything else you would like to promote or share with our readers that we will be happy to print with your recipe. Please let us know what information you would prefer with your recipe (or more importantly, what information you do not want with your recipe) so we do not infringe upon your privacy in any way.

Things That Will Help You Win the Contest (or Win My Eternal Gratefulness)
  1. Keep your audience in mind. The site is geared towards real life entertaining. The majority of our recipes are easy to prepare and do not have legions of ingredients. Many of them require less than 20 minutes of active time. They tend to be on the inexpensive side and use commonly found ingredients.
  2. As the name of the site indicates, the focus of the site is entertaining. Your recipe should be suitable to serve to guests, family, or on a special occasion. It certainly does not need to be expensive or fancy, but it should be special in some way from what you have for dinner every night.
  3. Format your recipe similarly to the way you see other recipes on the site. Include the number of servings, preparation time, cooking time, chilling time, total time, etc. and a nice little comment about the recipe. We especially love the comments!
  4. Subscribe to my weekly newsletter. Not only will I include hints about the recipe contest, I also run exclusive contests for newsletter subscribers. You will also get advance notice about upcoming contests and I do take into consideration when judging recipes whether or not a submitter is a subscriber.
  5. Support this site. Your support makes this contest and all the other contests, prizes, giveaways, recipes, and photos possible. Visit and support our advertisers. Many of the prizes are purchased from credit earned from your purchases at our affiliates like and
  6. You can submit as many different recipes as you like. The more recipes you submit, the better your chances. Submitting a complete menu also dramatically increases your chances of winning a prize.

The Prizes

Finally we get to the good stuff! The prizes for the Summer Recipe Contest, which begins on June 1, 2003 and ends on September 15, 2003 are as follows:

Grand Prize (1)

Our first place finisher will receive a collection of frosted summer acrylic glassware. This collection of attractive - yet unbreakable - glassware will be sure to add lots of pizzaaz to your summer table. Set includes four ice cream soda glasses, four 19-ounce highballs, and four 16-ounce flared tumblers in minty green, pale lilac, frosty blue, and lemon yellow. The retail value of this prize is $88.00.

George Foreman Grill

First Runner Up (1)

George Foreman Grill

No household should be without one of these excellent indoor grills. Easy to use, quick cooking, and simple to clean, these grills have become an important part of many cook's most useful appliances. Already have one? You can always use another to grill side dishes, desserts, or even other main dishes. Retail value of this prize is $39.99 and this is our last one!

Second Runner Up (1)

The second runner up will receive this beautiful sunflower invitation and placecard set for eight, along with a summer menu package from Perfect Entertaining for a special end of summer party, with recipes, shopping list, and much more. Retail value of this prize is $25.00.

Perfect Entertaining Appetizers In Minutes

Honorable Mentions (10)

Winners will receive a copy of our new book, Perfect Entertaining Appetizers in Minutes. One winner will be decided per category listed above, with an additional winner chosen from random from all the entries.

This collection features recipes that are appealing to guests, while being very easy on the host or hostess. All of the recipes require less than ten minutes active preparation time, with many requiring less than five minutes and less than five ingredients. Retail value of this prize is $13.95.

Most Entries Prize (1)

This new prize is given to the individual who enters the most recipes during the contest period that meet our rules above. The winner will receive a small handcrafted Herb cutting board. Retail value of this prize is $15.95.

Additional prizes may be added to the contest. If you would like to donate a prize and receive advertising for your business or website, please let me know.

The contest winners will be announced on the site and in the newsletter on or about October 15th.

How To Enter

Submit your recipe through our submission form. Please leave feedback if you have any questions, comments, or suggestions for the contest or Perfect Entertaining website.

All text, graphics, recipes, and articles copyright Perfect Entertaining 2001-2011, unless otherwise attributed. Legal Disclaimer. Privacy Policy. Please do not reprint or distribute any of the material on this website without permission. For reprint permission, advertising information, or for information about recipe or menu development, contact me via our feedback form. Thank you.