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Stuffed Monster Heads
Frankenstein Heads

This is a very simple, but oh so cute ice cream treat. There are many clever treats to make with ice cream, and a selection of them for children to choose from always goes over well. Use your imagination with these treats as I have not yet had a chance to photograph them and the instructions are very general as there are many ways to get the desired effect. It really depends on what ingredients you have to work with. Take these instructions and have fun with them. Each recipe makes one ice cream creature. All of these recipes are great for children to make (with some adult assistance.) Make sure to try the other variations, Cookies and Cream Bats, Witch Heads, Frosty Pumpkin Faces, and Wacky Werewolves.

1 scoop pistachio ice cream (or other green ice cream)
1 ounce semisweet chocolate, melted
gum drops for "electrodes"
assorted candy for features

ice cream scoopAdding the hairTake the scoop of ice cream and either dip it into the chocolate to form the hair of Frankenstein (square head, big sideburns) or else melt the chocolate and pour it onto a lightly greased cookie sheet. Cool slightly, then scrape off large chocolate curl and wrap it around the ice cream to form a head. Add other thin chocolate curls to form the rest of the hair. While the chocolate is still soft or wet, press a gundrop on either side of the head to form the bolts. Adding the gumdrop boltsUse cinnamon imperials or miniature gumdrops for eyes, a chocolate chip or miniature gumdrop for a nose, and red licorice string or frosting for his mouth. Serve immediately, or freeze for up to three hours.

Finished Frankenstein Head

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