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Stuffed Monster Heads

Crudites are just a fancy way of saying cut up vegetables. Don't just serve carrot and celery sticks this year. Try some of these suggestions. It always amazes me when people say vegetables are boring. Try some of these attractive (and fun) methods of cutting vegetables attractively (and in some cases spookily!).

baby carrots - whole
whole carrots - sliced into coins and then cut into small Halloween shapes with miniature cutters
celery hearts - sliced into dipping sized pieces
broccoli florets - cut into small chunks
broccoli stem - peel off tough outer layer and slice
cauliflower (baby brains) - cut into small chunks
cherry tomatoes - whole
cherry tomatoes can also be blanched and peeled for "bloody eyeballs"
mushrooms - sliced, or whole with designs cut into them. With a sharp knife cut jack o'lantern faces, witch hats, cats, ghosts, and bats into the mushroom tops.
bell peppers - use multicolored peppers in rings or strips
bell peppers - Halve the bell peppers and then cut decorative shapes out with small Halloween cookie cutters. Use the scraps in another recipe. scallions - chop off dried ends and break into manageable lengths
scallions - slit the green ends of the scallions finely, but make sure they remain attached on the white end. Place in a dish of cold water and all of the thin green slices will curl up to form witches hair or witches brooms.
cucumbers - seedless cucumbers sliced or cut with aspic cutters into Halloween shapes
yellow squash - sliced, or cut with a small cutter into Halloween shapes
fresh pea pods - whole
green beans - whole with ends trimmed
radishes - roses, slices, or halves
yellow tomatoes - small ones whole or larger ones sliced
fennel - sliced
pears - sliced unpeeled
apples - sliced unpeeled
peaches - sliced unpeeled
orange - seeded and segmented
tangerines - seeded and segmented
grapefruit - seeded and segmented
grapes - whole or halved
radicchio - whole or bite sized leaves
endive - whole leaves
spinach - bite sized leaves
whole dried apricots
bananas - sliced
jicama - sliced
baby onions - whole
red onions - sliced or rings

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