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Stuffed Monster Heads
Spider Puddings

Spider PuddingsThese are so cute! Our testers loved putting them together almost as much as they loved eating them and they make for a fun make-it-yourself party project. We used whatever candy we had on hand - so don't be afraid to use different components to make the faces - but the string licorice is essential for the legs. Any variety of pudding and chocolate cookies can be used for these and if you have a large group of children working on it, offer bowls of different varieties and let them mix and match. (Luckily you won't have to eat the resulting combinations!) The spiders can be assembled in advance, but they take up *lots* of room because of their legs so those are probably best to add last.

20 chocolate cream cookies
1 box favorite flavor pudding mix
2 cups milk
8 strands black shoestring licorice
8 orange gumdrops
4 lemon Flavor Rolls candy
8 pieces candy corn

Spider PuddingsCrush the cookies until finely crumbed and set aside. Mix the pudding according to the package directions and spoon into four round bowls. Refrigerate until your assemblers are ready to make their spiders. Sprinkle the cookies over the top evenly. Break each piece of licorice into four equal pieces and bend slightly to form a curve on one end. Place the curved end of the first piece into the pudding and adjust the licorice so the "leg" touches the table or serving plate. Repeat with the remaining licorice so that each spider has eight legs. Add the gumdrops for the eyes. Microwave the Flavor Rolls for 5 seconds. Roll each candy between your hands or on a flat surface to lengthen it and make it thinner. For the candy into a curved mouth and place on top of the pudding. Add candy corn for the fangs and enjoy!

Makes 4 Servings.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Chilling Time: 30 minutes
Total Time: 40 minutes

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