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Black Bat Punch

This spooky black punch is made from melted bat bones, bat guano, and bat blood. OK, so maybe a tasty mixture of grape and orange drinks, vanilla ice cream, and chocolate sprinkles is a bit more palatable! (But tell the kids it is made from the first list!) Fun and easy to make, this punch is also a kid favorite - but is probably too sicky sweet for adults. The ice cream can be just added in larger scoops or blocks if short on time, but the "guano" makes for a great effect. For an even blacker punch some black food coloring or red, blue, and yellow food coloring mixed together will darken it really well.

1 quart vanilla ice cream
2 liters chilled grape soda
2 liters chilled orange soda
2 liters chilled ginger ale
1 can orange juice concentrate
1 envelope unsweetened grape drink mix
1 cup black sprinkles

Scoop out the ice cream with a small spoon and place the small scoops onto a baking sheet. Freeze for at least an hour to firm. Right before serving mix together the sodas, orange juice concentrate, and drink mix until smooth in a large punch bowl. Add the vanilla ice cream "guano" and black sprinkles and serve immediately.

Makes 8 Servings.

Preparation Time: 10 minutes
Chilling Time: 1 hour
Total Time: 1 hour, 10 minutes

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