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Stuffed Monster Heads
Body Parts on a Stick

For some reason, the simplest recipes will get the most response at parties, especially when the party consists of a mixed company of children and adults. This recipe is no exception. All evening long we heard children saying gleefully "Look, mom! I'm eating an eyeball!". This is a really harmless dish as all of the ingredients are easily identifiable. The kids just love to play along with the game. Use any variation of the ingredients below and serve a few dipping sauces with the sticks. I also like to cut cheese with aspic cutters into a variety of shapes (or to keep in theme heart shapes) rather than just using it cubed.

cooked red hot dogs (fingers)
cooked German (white) hot dogs (fingers)
pimento stuffed olives (eyeballs)
grapes, peeled if desired (eyeballs)
cherry tomatoes, peeled if desired (bloody eyeballs)
marinated baby onions (ghost eyeballs)
gherkin pickles (goblin fingers)
cheese cubes
fruit slices

Stack a variety of ingredients on a toothpick or kebob. Chill until ready to serve.

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