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Halloween Punch Ideas

Halloween is a great time to use a wide variety of fun and tasty punches. Use your favorite punch recipes, or some of the ones in my Halloween Beverages collection and dress them up with these cute and creepy ideas.

The floating hand has been around a while, but it is easy to make as long as you follow a few precautions. It is necessary to make sure that you use not only non-powdered gloves, but non-latex gloves as well. Many people have latex allergies and this could be potentially dangerous. You can purchase non-powdered non-latex gloves at your local pharmacy, and many even will sell you just one pair of gloves. Pour either water or your favorite juice into a cleaned glove. Close the end with a rubber band and place on a baking sheet. Place in the freezer and freeze until ready to use. Float the hand in the punch. I like adding dark food coloring (green, purple, or black works great) to the juice before freezing for an even spookier accent.

Another idea that has been around for a long time is to have spooky ice cubes floating in the punch. These are easy to make by pouring one of the juices that you will be using in the punch, or water into an ice cube tray. Add well washed plastic bugs or spiders, or use raisins or dried cranberries as bugs. Freeze, then add to your punch.

A variation on the ice cube idea is to freeze large gross plastic items in large chunks of ice. Simple pour water or juice into a disposable container (I like using empty plastic soda or milk bottles, making sure you have enough water or juice to cover the item(s) you want to freeze. Add the item and freeze until solid. Cut off the bottle and float the item in your punch. This is great to do with cleaned plastic body parts (lips, noses, ears, etc.) or fake spiders, rats, etc.

There are a few really gross fruits and vegetables to float in punches, as well as some attractive ones. Peeled grapes or cherry tomatoes make for perfect eyeballs. Peeled concord grapes makes for perfect fish or frog eggs in a punch. Whole cranberries, orange slices, lime slices, or lemon slices also make great garnishes for punches.

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