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Spooky Black Cat Cupcakes

This is another classic but really cute recipe that I modified a little bit for a party I worked on. Take your favorite cup cake recipe (or if you are pressed for time, store bought cupcakes) and make these really cute treats! They are easy to do and older children love helping make them. I like to do each step on every cookie before proceeding on to the next addition. This allows the frosting to set for a minute or two and makes it less likely that something will get dislodged or smudged. A really cute variation on this is to make White Cat Cupcakes or even Christmas Cat Cupcakes. Use white chocolate covered sandwich cookies (or dip them yourself) and white frosting. Add red and green bows for the Christmas Cat Cupcakes.

12 chocolate sandwich cookies
1/4 cup dark chocolate frosting
12 dark green jelly beans, halved lengthwise
6 pink jelly beans, halved widthwise
black string licorice, cut into 1 1/2 inch segments
24 chocolate chips
12 cupcakes frosted with dark chocolate frosting
regular black licorice sticks

Using the frosting, attach two green jelly beans to the "face" of the cookie for eyes. Attach a pink jelly bean half to the cookie for the nose. Then attach 2-3 licorice segments on either side of the nose for the whiskers. Attach the chocolate chips on the edges of the cookie to form ears. Let the frosting sit for at least an hour. Gently press the cookies into the frosted cupcakes (If you are making the cupcakes from scratch, frost them right before attaching the cookies and make a pillow for the cookie face to rest on.) Place a piece of regular licorice behind the cookie for a tail and let sit for an hour or two before serving. They will store well in a covered container for up to 2 days.

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