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Stuffed Monster Heads!

Stuffed Monster Heads

Six years ago I found myself in the position of hosting a Halloween themed birthday party for a small boy and a Halloween themed dinner party. When I started searching for recipes and ideas for these two parties I was horrified by what I found. It seemed that everything at the time was geared towards twelve year old boys or people who were really into Halloween. For the first set it seemed like the main goal was to be as gross and disgusting as possible - and the result was the complete lack of good taste. In more ways than one! The combinations of ingredients resulted in dishes I wouldn't serve to my worst enemy and nothing was appropriate for little children to eat or for adults. The second set of recipes and ideas were not necessarily gross but were incredibly time consuming, expensive, and intricate. Special molds, special ingredients, tons of props, hard to find components, and the patience of a saint to put everything together were required. The worst part was that while the appearance was more sophisticated, usually the taste was still terrible!

The result of this situation was that I began developing a series of recipes and menus for Halloween. The recipes were sometimes gross and sometimes complicated - but the final product was always edible and always delicious. (No more Jell-O, broccoli, Velveeta, and mini-weiner combinations for me, thank you very much!) The recipes range from kid friendly - both in preparation which makes for a lot of fun for your children and in eating - to elegant grown up fare you wouldn't be ashamed to serve the boss on a fall evening.

If you have a special party idea or recipe to share, please submit it via our feedback form! If we get enough entries I will add a special Halloween Recipe prize to this season's recipe contest.





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